Nick + Deb | Couples Session Pt. 2

You may remember Nick and Deb from their first couple’s session last November… even though we got some amazing shots, it ended up SO rainy that night we decided to call it off and reschedule for another time.

So, I present to you Nick and Deb – the sequel! 😉

It was great to get out with you two again – especially on such a nice (non rainy) day! 🙂

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  • Michael Wachniak

    on May 10, 2010  3:33 pm

    Hey Amber! I was just walking down the street and bumped into Chuck Norris. Poor Chuck was weeping. I said "Hey Chucky, whats up, bud?". He turned to me and said "I just saw Amber's latest blogpost and the images were so amazing. I didn't know that much awesomeness could fit into images like that...." "Oh, so they are happy tears then Chuck?", I asked. "But of course. And they are laced with Golden flakes and stardust.". Then I came home and thought I would comment. Nice work! True story.

  • Laura Hana

    on May 10, 2010  3:36 pm

    Now, how can anyone comment after Wachniak??

    hehe... great photos! Love the one through the bike rack, on the stairs, in front of that funky wall... hey.. how about I just say I love them ALL!

  • Michael Wachniak

    on May 10, 2010  3:41 pm

    lol on my way home I ran into a leprechaun too... but unfortunately I don't understand Gaelic.

  • Nick

    on May 10, 2010  3:42 pm

    Mike... did you forget the medication again? or is it that you're TOO medicated?

    All I can say Amber is "always whirling whirling whirling."

    These are super awesome. :) Me likey!

  • Jennifer Kirk

    on May 10, 2010  3:50 pm

    Nice work Amber!! What's the location, I don't recognize it!?

  • Kyle

    on May 10, 2010  4:21 pm

    I love the one with the lines in the ceiling leading right to them and I'm also crazy about the lines of the shot of them on (what appears to be) stairsteps! You did a great job getting creative with these!

  • Tracie

    on May 10, 2010  4:32 pm

    Wow! Excellent as per usual, and Laura is right, no comment can follow Mike's and compare.... DANG! ;)

  • Kristen Honeycutt

    on May 10, 2010  6:00 pm

    SO in love with those bike rack shots!! Love your use of lines in your comps. Fabulous job- such a rockstar.

  • Cassie

    on May 10, 2010  6:47 pm

    I'm with Chuck Norris...Always love your work!

  • Jason

    on May 10, 2010  6:55 pm

    Nice work, Amber! Love the use of lines/architecture. And what a hawt couple who really knows how to work it :)

  • Deb

    on May 10, 2010  7:32 pm

    Super super super AWESOME! Thank you Amber, you are super amazing, as usual:)

  • nick

    on May 10, 2010  7:35 pm

    the b&w are awesome! great set.

  • s h e r r y

    on May 10, 2010  9:51 pm

    These are awesome! I love the cool architecture of the doorway. And Deb, your hair looks raaad! (And different?)

  • Nathan Gilmer

    on May 11, 2010  4:37 am

    I love urban engagement shoots like this! And this one is so beautiful!

  • Steve Koo

    on May 11, 2010  7:22 am

    Love that shot of the two of them from the waist down. Nice work!

  • Nick

    on May 11, 2010  9:38 am

    Steve, are you trying to tell me something? giggity goo... from Steve Koo... :P

  • Kristi Wright

    on May 11, 2010  11:29 am

    Absolutely love the shot of them in the round thing. Sexy!

  • Ryan Brenizer

    on May 11, 2010  1:53 pm

    I have some serious love for the one in the circular window. Srsly.

  • matt shumate

    on May 11, 2010  7:01 pm

    Bicycle rack shot FTW! What can I say, I'm a sucker for repeating shapes. :)

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  • Vanessa Ng

    on May 12, 2010  9:50 pm

    Great work as always Amber. I'm glad that it stayed dry for Nick and Deb this time around... !

  • Leon Steber

    on May 18, 2010  3:56 am

    Really love the ideas you've come up for shooting locations - a bicycle rack : brilliant!

  • Lara Eichhorn

    on May 20, 2010  4:10 pm

    I love how you used the classic West Coast white sky to make these photos look so light and dreamy. The couple looks so sweet in all the shots, except the one in the circle window. That one's something else, something good.

  • Saskia

    on May 28, 2010  7:08 pm

    What a gorgeous location you chose. Great job.

  • nadine

    on June 3, 2010  1:11 pm

    What a beautiful set of pics!