Christina + Jay | Sunshine Coast Wedding

This wedding was dear to my heart for a variety of reasons. First of all, it involved several families I’ve gotten to know over the past couple of years since I first photographed Christina’s cousin Nick’s wedding in Tofino. I then caught up with part of the family again last summer at Jehanne and Nick’s friend Ravi’s wedding. Needless to say, I’m starting to grow fairly found of everyone so it was wonderful to see them all again for another celebration. When I first met Christina and Jay my immediate impression was one of easy laughter and lots of love between them. You should have seen them tearing up the dance floor at that first wedding!

To top it off this wedding took place in one of my favourite places in the world, the Sunshine Coast. I’m a sucker for this province I call home and anywhere that offers scenic coastline and towering trees will always sway my heart. To be able to capture these two wonderful people in such a beautiful place was amazing.


Christina and Jay, it was SUCH an honour to be there for your wedding and to capture your memories. Thank you again for choosing me as your wedding photographer!

Super huge high fives and massive thanks to Sachin Khona for being my awesometastic second shooter on this wedding!

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  • Brittany

    on July 12, 2013  1:34 pm

    I love everything about this wedding. So amazing Amber.

  • Eduardo Suastegui

    on July 12, 2013  1:51 pm

    Thoroughly crazy good wedding coverage! You caught so many great moments.

  • mathias

    on July 12, 2013  3:57 pm

    a shot that's done all the time but this is as good as I've seen it. love the lighting:

  • Leo

    on July 13, 2013  7:44 pm

    SO good, Amber! I love this one:


  • Teresa

    on July 13, 2013  11:07 pm

    Great moments captured!

  • kong wai

    on July 14, 2013  4:58 pm

    Love it, you captured so well

  • Nikki Bezel

    on July 14, 2013  7:00 pm

    Beautiful work Amber! Such a gorgeous wedding and you have captured it perfectly, well done.

  • Xanthe

    on July 14, 2013  8:44 pm

    Ahhh, beautiful! I especially love the photos during the speeches, very sweet!

  • Justin

    on July 15, 2013  5:09 am

    You did a great job capturing this wedding! Beautiful storytelling!

  • Shella

    on July 15, 2013  8:02 am

    What a stunning location for a wedding - also love the barefoot-girls, so cool! <3

  • tobiah

    on July 15, 2013  12:10 pm

    I love this wedding, so many amazing photos! Love the shoe shot, the shot of the bridesmaids on the bed, the portraits are lovely too!

  • Ross Harvey

    on July 15, 2013  12:43 pm

    Fantastic work Amber! Beautiful wedding. Adore the shot of the bride laughing while the eye makeup was going on.

  • Teresa K

    on July 15, 2013  6:29 pm

    So many amazing images in this knocked it out of the park!!

  • Joseph Delgado

    on July 16, 2013  5:05 am

    THe ceremony shots are incredible Amber. Also, those boots!!! Awesome bridal portraits!

  • shari

    on July 16, 2013  7:10 am

    I love everything about this wedding. The adorable couple, the details, the location, the moments... I felt like I was there, or really really want to be.

  • John

    on July 16, 2013  9:18 pm

    These images are EVERYTHING and more from start to finish. But number 170 is freaking awesome haha!

  • Cole

    on July 17, 2013  11:09 am

    Back atter' Amber. Great work as always!

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