Pacific Spirit Park Elopement | Preview

I spent last Sunday getting to know these two and their families during their elopement in Pacific Spirit Park. I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon – it was such a wonderful moment to be a part of. <3

Here’s a few photos from our time together:

pacific_spirit_park_elopement0001 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0002 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0003 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0004 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0005 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0006 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0007 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0008pacific_spirit_park_elopement0015 pacific_spirit_park_elopement0010pacific_spirit_park_elopement0013pacific_spirit_park_elopement0011pacific_spirit_park_elopement0016

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