I love the journey as much as the destination...

(Profile photo by Sachin Khona Photography)
My heart and my camera have lead me to where I am today

I’ve always had a sense of photography being magical. With a camera in your hands you’re able to capture and convey emotions without words. You can still a moment to be held and relived over and over.

I often look through my family photos and wonder at the history captured there. My great grandparents smiling at each other as the enjoy a picnic lunch or the joy on my grandmother’s face as she holds a tiny swaddled baby. There’s so much power to photography – to be able to transport yourself and others straight back to a moment and not only see it, but feel it. 

You could say I have a love affair with moments. Nothing gets me more excited than creating art from the passage of time. In the past 12 years I’ve been honoured to do just that for clients in Vancouver, the Okanagan, the Gulf Islands and select international destinations. I can’t wait to see where the future takes me and what moments I have waiting for me there. I love a good adventure!

Here are 10 facts about me: