Jessi + Brock | Wedding

I’ll never forget the way the chapel felt that day – so warm and full of love. It seemed like no matter where you looked people were wearing their joy on their sleeves. In the middle of it all, Jessi and Brock stood – so in love it seemed like the rest of the room wasn’t there. In the presence of all those who loved them, Jessi and Brock were getting married.

*  *  *  *  *

Jessi’s bridal jewelry

I’m SO in love with Jessi’s bracelet!

One last steam…

The girls watching… can you feel the love? 🙂

Meanwhile, my second shooter Masi Bardi was with the boys

Brock gave his groomsmen personalized lighters as wedding gifts

Ceremony time!

This was my first time witnessing a prayer circle… it was simply amazing to watch!

Jessi’s father wrote and performed a song – I had tears in my eyes 🙂

You KNOW what a sucker I am for architecture 🙂

We headed down to Granville Island from there and had a little fun in the market…

Jessi gave each of her girls a different vintage ring

Some proof that Brock and his groomsmen are full of awesome:

Loved this shot from Masi

Reception time!

Check out their cake toppers…. the little Brock even has a polka dot tie!

The first dance 🙂

Jessi and Brock – it was such an honour and pleasure to be there with you through this wonderful chapter in your lives. Thank you for choosing me to capture your love!

{ amber }

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  • Dani K.

    on April 30, 2010  11:31 am

    Good gravy, woman. You did a splendid job! Love the groomsmen shots! And the architecture! And that prayer circle is such a beautiful moment. High fives!

  • Vanessa Ng

    on April 30, 2010  11:38 am

    Amber, these are spectacular... great job as always... and amazing details! I love her bracelet too :)

  • Jessi H

    on April 30, 2010  11:57 am

    Oh my goodness!!! I love them, so much. I can not wait to see all of them!! Thank you!

  • Ashley Martens

    on April 30, 2010  11:57 am

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! You have an amazing talent!!! :)

  • Steve W.

    on April 30, 2010  1:04 pm

    Hey Jessi H, you're Jessi S now!

    Great job with the photos! You've got some fresh concepts here.

  • Nick

    on April 30, 2010  1:29 pm

    As usual, I am sitting here looking at these photos you've taken... the moments you've captured forever... and I'm wowed. Such an amazing job :)

  • fran chelico

    on April 30, 2010  1:33 pm

    beautiful wedding Amber! amazing moments and shots! just beautiful!

  • Rhys Albrecht

    on April 30, 2010  3:13 pm

    What a great set. These just felt like Granville Island...I could pretty much smell the saltwater and fish and baked goods as I scrolled through. Well done!

  • Brittany

    on April 30, 2010  3:49 pm

    Just beautiful pictures. Love the ones in the market and the lemon placecards, so clever.

  • todd hunter mcgaw

    on April 30, 2010  4:59 pm

    love your work! nice macro action, love the jars of flowers & the couple under mr yellow umbrella !!! :)

  • Natalie

    on April 30, 2010  5:11 pm

    These images are absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous couple & fun creative details.

  • Michael & Jan Hart

    on April 30, 2010  7:01 pm

    Enjoyed the artistry, the morning to evening, hotel to church to Granville Island, color to B&W, the overall mood/feel of your work.
    Great job. You're a true artist!

  • s h e r r y

    on April 30, 2010  10:55 pm

    These are wonderful! Grey and yellow are 2 of my favourite colours :):) I love all the details (like the vintage rings~ *swoon*)

  • Thomas Lester

    on May 1, 2010  5:56 am

    These shots made me feel like I need to step up my game! I liked every single shot A LOT. You have a fantastic eye. I'm not just saying that to fill a blog comment. I mean I *really* like these shots. I'm going to send you a flickr mail....

  • Shell Bailey

    on May 1, 2010  6:34 am

    What a beautiful wedding! The venue is beautiful and I love the different locations you went to, great portraits.

  • Dana Goodson

    on May 1, 2010  8:33 am

    Amber, these are gorgeous. I always love looking at your new posts. Beautiful job as always.

  • Magalie

    on May 1, 2010  11:24 am

    Oh I LOVE these!!!! What a beautiful couple and fantastic location! I love the details, the love, the colours! And blossoms too? Swoon!

  • brooke trexler

    on May 1, 2010  2:10 pm

    these are incredible - the ceremony shots are so moving! great stuff!

  • Stephanie Mortimer

    on May 1, 2010  7:24 pm

    Um...HELLO!!! Awesome wedding! I seriously loved everything about it. Your images are stunning, Amber.

  • Az

    on May 1, 2010  11:56 pm

    Absolutely Amazing!!!!

  • Saskia

    on May 2, 2010  12:52 am

    What a lovely wedding and such a cute couple. The lemons are yellow umbrella are perfection!

  • Jamie - Madison, WI

    on May 2, 2010  9:47 am

    Photos are all gorgeous, as usual. I LOVE the details that they put together (the lemons are so clever!) and they did a really great job with one of my favorite colors - yellow! So beautiful!

  • Eric Yerke

    on May 2, 2010  7:17 pm

    Your colors are too good.

  • Drew W

    on May 2, 2010  9:55 pm

    First let me say that the bride and groom look stunning. And her dress is absolutely outstanding. Not to you captured them perfectly. Nice work miss!

  • Katie Beach

    on May 4, 2010  5:17 am

    All I can say is wow... Every shot commands your attention and has a story all in itself. I think I'll have you use your blog for inspiration. ;) Amazing work!!

  • Avelaine Scyrup

    on May 4, 2010  7:42 am

    Love, love, love! Your photos are amazing! I think you really captured the emotions of the day =)

  • Catherine Hart

    on May 6, 2010  8:13 am

    Absolutely lovely photos! Elegant, romantic, whimsical, all dusted with a wisp of simplicity - like Jessie and Brock.

  • Angela Hubbard

    on May 6, 2010  7:58 pm

    GREAT work Amber! you rocked it

  • shipra

    on May 9, 2010  6:19 am

    The b&w shoe shot - wow
    The metal stairwell shots -wowwow
    your lighting for the dancing is perfect.

    She's a beautiful bride too and I love the simplicity of their florals and decor. So pretty.

  • Jon Faulknor

    on May 10, 2010  7:24 am

    Beautiful photos. Love the church they got married in. Great lighting.

  • Lyndsay

    on May 19, 2010  7:23 pm

    So. Incredible. Love the detail shots and the couple is gorgeeeeoussssss!

  • Carolyn Egerszegi

    on May 20, 2010  7:31 pm

    Wow wow wow. This whole wedding is amazing Amber. I think is my favourite you've ever shot. I love every little bit. Awesome!!

  • Joey Chandler

    on May 21, 2010  3:03 pm

    nice details and love the mason jars with the flowers. Looks like it was a very fun day. Great work.

  • Joseph

    on August 10, 2011  9:19 pm

    Your detail shots are amazing! Beautiful work!

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  • Nedra Holt

    on November 21, 2012  4:42 pm

    Amazing!!! What church is that??