Documentary sessions are a new offering for me and something very near and dear to my heart. Since having my own son I came to realize that we’ve lost a lot of the art to documenting of our day to day life. It used to be that family members at the very least owned a 35mm SLR film camera, rendering a beauty to the candid family photos we took that today’s smartphones and point and shoots can’t easily provide. We also tend to think of professional photography as a fairly controlled photo session where we capture some camera aware photos where you can see everyone’s smile. While beautiful, they don’t always convey who we are to each other and what it felt like to be together – something in my opinion that’s just as precious and needing to be documented.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled when I got the call to document Renee and Stephen’s family while they prepped to open the next chapter in their lives. We shot in their beautiful Main Street condo amongst the boxes they were packing ahead of their move to the North Shore. Having bought the condo just after their marriage it became the backdrop to their early married life together and subsequently their journey into parenthood. They were expecting their second child shortly and wanted to commemorate this change in their lives with a session that captured them saying goodbye to their old neighbourhood ahead of a new journey about to start. I honestly can’t think of a better way to celebrate a big change in your life than a documentary session!


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