Musqueam Cultural Centre Wedding | Preview

I had the extreme pleasure of photographing Nina and Drew’s wedding this past weekend at the Musqueam Cultural Centre. I knew from the very first phone call I had with Nina that this was a wedding I absolutely wanted to be a part of and it didn’t dissappoint! There’s so much more I’d like to share, but for now here’s some preview photos to tide you over:

musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0001 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0003 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0004 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0005 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0006 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0007 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0008 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0009 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0010 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0011 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0012 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0013mfp_5092 musqueam_cultural_centre_wedding_0014